Car Consulting Services

The Car Market is a fickle and difficult place, rife with disingenuous cars on offer. We offer our years of experience, contacts & expertise to help our clients navigate and qualify potential purchases.

Although we are firm believers of buying cars with your heart, we serve to play the role of the brain.

Our Purchase Process:

– Research and shortlist selection, we research the market extensively and put together a shortlist of the best options.

– Qualifying the list, each car is vetted remotely to make sure everything is up to scratch.

– Physical Inspection with a Specialist Mechanic

– Negotiation

– Due Diligence & Paperwork

– Transport

– Preparation, Service & Repairs if necessary

– Delivery

Collection Management:

– Buy, sell or hold? No different than any investment cars are affected not only by Demand & Supply, News and Politics but also by timelines, fashion and media. We know the market well and can help advise objectively what the best move is now and will be in the near future.

– How far to go with each car? Different cars have different criteria, there’s no point throwing a nut & bolt restoration at that 10.000€ 60’s convertible you love and that 250 GT California can only go to one restorer and it isnt cheap! We will advise you on your best options.

Whether you want to buy one car or start a collection, feel free to Contact Us for objective advice.